Anxiety Treatment

Sometimes, you feel like you’re being held hostage by troubling thoughts. 

Intrusive thoughts that you just can’t stop thinking about.

You constantly worry that others may find something you said or did awkward or annoying.

Physical symptoms get you down. For example shortness of breath, a racing heart, and sweaty palms when you feel very anxious about something.

We all feel stressed and feel anxious at times. These troubling thoughts can make you feel stuck and out of control. Sometimes, these thoughts just won’t go away no matter how hard we try to focus on other things. Over time, worrisome thoughts can lead to anxiety that makes it hard for you to live a peaceful life.

Anxious young woman sitting on the couch with her head in her hands before going to Anxiety treatment in Katy, TX or Anxiety therapy in Katy, TX 77494. Therapy in Katy, TX starts with the Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch

What is anxiety? How does anxiety feel?

Anxiety is typically described as a feeling of worry about an event. This event can be something that has already happened, something that is going to happen soon, or something that may or may not happen at all. If you suffer find yourself struggling with troubling thoughts you are not alone. In fact, anxiety is the most common mental health disorder. It is estimated that 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety.

What causes anxiety?

There is no one specific cause of anxiety. But, stress often causes symptoms of an anxiety disorder. Stress can come from many places. For example, you may feel stress that is caused by work, school, your financial situation, your personal relationships, or even the unrealistic expectations that others have of you. Other sources of stress could include the loss of a loved one, serious illness, or trauma. Ultimately, if left untreated, the stress from these situations can cause an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Find Relief from the Troubling Thoughts that Won’t Go Away

It’s important to remember that anxiety is normal sometimes. For example. if you are taking a major test or giving an important speech it is okay to feel anxious about it. However, treatment for anxiety is needed when the troubling thoughts and feelings you are experiencing become excessive and keep you from living your life. 

Therefore, if you can’t make it through the day, or even a couple of days, without having an anxiety attack, you should consider therapy. These attacks may also include symptoms that commonly associated with a Panic Attack. For example, sweaty palms, an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and feeling light-headed.

Many people use therapy to help control anxious thoughts and feelings. Therapy can make it possible for you to get to a place where you don’t feel trapped by your anxiety.

The Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch’s Approach to Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety treatment focuses on identifying the things that are causing you to feel stress. Then, a therapist can help you change the way you think about and experience the challenges of life. During counseling, you will learn more effective ways to cope with the things that are worrying you.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety

CBT is the most commonly used therapeutic treatment for anxiety. During counseling, your therapist will work with you to change your thoughts and behaviors. They will do this by focusing on the what(s) and the why(s) of your thought process and how it relates to the ways you cope with stress and the emotions that are causing you to feel stressed. Then, they will teach you new ways to cope with these thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. Ultimately, therapy provides support to help you get to a place where your anxiety is easier to manage and doesn’t take over your life.

young anxious man sitting outdoors with his head in his hands looking upset because he is having symptoms of anxiety before going to Katy, TX therapy for Anxiety treatment or Counseling for Anxiety in Katy, TX 77494 at the Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch
Children smiling at the camera after anxiety therapy for kids in Katy, TX 77494 in the Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch. Katy, TX therapy starts here!
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Who We Help in Therapy in Katy, TX

At Cinco Ranch, we currently provide anxiety treatment for children, teens, and adults. Similarly, we provide group therapy opportunities for adults. Our supportive therapists will work with you, or your loved one, to come up with a unique and individual treatment plan that fits their needs. Ultimately, our goal is to give someone suffering from anxiety the tools to handle their stress without letting it control their every thought and emotions. Therefore, Our counseling clinic in Katy, TX has therapists that are trained to work with both children and adults. Their goal is to help them lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Begin Anxiety Treatment at The Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch

If you are ready to find relief from anxiety for yourself or your child or teen, the therapists at Cinco Ranch can help! We provide therapy to people of all ages. To begin counseling in Katy, TX, follow these three steps:

  • Contact our office to set up an appointment or to get more information about anxiety treatment.
  • Meet with one of our caring therapists.
  • Find peace from your troubling thoughts with counseling!

Other Services Offered at The Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch:

Our behavioral health clinic in Katy, TX offers a variety of mental health services to clients of all ages. Ultimately, our goal is to help you stand strong in your life. Our therapy services include individual counseling, therapy for anxiety, counseling for depressionfamily therapychild therapy, counseling for young adultsteen therapy, trauma treatment, counseling for coupleswomenmen, and group counseling. Contact our therapy office to learn more about the many ways we can help you live your life to the fullest.