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By: Margie Frisco, MA – Supervised by Melissa Barton, MA, LPC-S

If you have a child in Middle School, a therapy group can be an impactful way for your child to learn various skills. For instance, do you remember what it was like to be a middle schooler? It was the time in most of our lives that our friend’s opinions and behaviors began to influence us the most. We start to transition to connect more with our peers. The transition from fifth grade to middle school is one of the kids’ most challenging transitions.

How can Teen Therapy Group at Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch help your Middle Schooler?

If we can make it a little easier, it can make the parents’ lives easier. Group therapy can be a way to help. It gives our kids a space to feel and express their emotions with their peers. Expression at the Center is encouraged in a room that does not feel like school. Therefore, expression is inspired by acting out situations, drawing/coloring, talking, and playing games. Below is a list of common topics discussed within the Middle School therapy group.

Healthy Communication Skills:

Undoubtedly, healthy communication skills are imperative. Furthermore, some forms of communication are better and more beneficial than others. For example, you cannot communicate effectively with another person while feeling outraged. Moreover, we would practice different ways to display depending on the situation. This week we will review various forms of communication.

Irrational Thoughts:

It is a natural event for individuals to have random thoughts. How many times have we thought we knew what others were thinking? For instance, what if you caught someone looking at you. Could they just be looking in your direction? Or could they be thinking something nice about you? The reality is we genuinely do not know what others are thinking. It can be easier to assume we know what they are thinking.

Anxiety – Teen Therapy Group can help:

Everyone experiences stress. We begin by noticing how anxiety manifests for each person to address it. For some individuals, anxiety can display in the body as headaches, stomach aches, or body pains. Keep in mind some individuals are better at managing their symptoms than others.

It is essential to discover where the pressure starts when trying to understand anxiety. Understanding the increase, why it occurs, and recognizing it allows us to address it before it becomes overwhelming. Identifying the lowest form of tension in the body can help pinpoint pressure.

Emotion Recognition – Teen Therapy Group can help:

Recognizing emotions can benefit middle schoolers by teaching them to identify the feeling, ask if they are unsure, and react appropriately. Emotions can look different for each person. For instance, some people cry when they are sad. Others might become very quiet when low. Neither action is “wrong,” but noticing that both individuals are unhappy can be helpful.

Emotion Regulation – Teen Therapy Group can help:

Emotion regulation means being able to help bring heightened emotions back down to an average level. This can be done by adding healthy coping skills. We focus on helping you recognize your feelings, learn to calm down, and return to a regulated place.

Healthy Coping Skills – Teen Therapy Group can help:

Coping skills can help make an overwhelming feeling more manageable. Keep in mind there are healthy and unhealthy coping skills. To differentiate, healthy versus unhealthy coping skills are covered during this week. Furthermore, how and when to implement the skills.

Healthy Relationships – Teen Therapy Group can help:

The relationship does not have to be just romantic. Identifying the impact of relationships can help recognize healthy and beneficial friendships to keep. This week, we look at the closest relationships in our lives and recognize abusive tendencies within a relationship.

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